About us

Magic pipe

Our Approach

We’re experiencing a renaissance in the cannabis industry, and Magic Pipe is leading the way with a bespoke collection of polished gold vape pens that elevate your mood and style. This is not your basic vape pen, it’s magic.

Our approach combines sophistication and design with a respect for cannabis culture that started it all. By staying fully immersed in the vaping community, we’ve been able to collaborate with tastemakers and introduce custom-made oils that resonate with cannabis connoisseurs, and first-time smokers alike. Go ahead, vape on!



Our premium cannabis oil is formulated through a distillation process that creates strain specific terpenes, making it incredibly flavorful and potent.

Variety of disposable pens with flavor profiles including, Gelato, Pineapple, Watermelon and more.

On average, expect 280 hits per cartridge.


With the help of our amazing dispensary, delivery and distribution partners, we’ve been able to expand throughout California, adding new locations every day.


All of our products have gone through extensive testing with SC Labs for cannabinoid profiles (potency), pesticides, and microbial screening.